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If you need Victory, Safety, or Rescue

If you need Victory, Safety, or Rescue

Baby girl raising her fist for victory. (I'm obviously smitten and will use any excuse to show you how super cute she is.)

Baby girl raising her fist for victory. (I'm obviously smitten and will use any excuse to show you how super cute she is.)

1   :   the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist
2   :   achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties

I've been using the word "victory" a lot lately when it comes to God and life and struggle. Perhaps this is because I'm a hard-core achiever, and having victory is appealing. More likely, though, it has to do with the hopelessness or weightiness I can tend to feel when faced with the world around us. I've been hard at work reminding myself that my God has overcome the world and that I don't have to.

Thank goodness. 

I love the way David puts it in Psalm 62:

My victory and honor come from God alone.
He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.
— Psalm 62:7, NLT

When I look up the word "victory" in the original Hebrew for this verse, it is defined as deliverance, salvation, rescue, safety, victory, liberty. Here, David reminds his heart (and all of ours) that victory is GOD'S ALONE. If this is true, than our enemy would want us to believe that we are responsible for our own victory, our own liberty, our own deliverance. It's possible that this is why it can be difficult to try to muster it up on our own strength, why we can feel such discouragement when we don't overcome in and of ourselves, why we get tired and worn and weary of the broken lives we see and world we inhabit.

Y'all, David wrote this -- David, who, as a teenager, killed Goliath. David, King of Israel. David, man after God's own heart. He declared that God was his ONLY victory, his ONLY salvation, his ONLY deliverance.

If this is true, if victory over the enemy, if deliverance from our brokenness really is God's alone, then these things are also true --
Your victory has nothing to do with what you can or can't do, with your strengths or your weaknesses, with your failures or successes. 
Trying to muster up your own victory or fight for yourself will fail you eventually.
When the waves of life come, we can be secure because victory doesn't depend on our circumstances. 
Victory doesn't originate with us, but it is ours. It's ours because it's Christ's, because our Father already has won it. Victory is ours because He gives it to us.

If our victory is in God alone, then nothing can take it away

Can I challenge us to look for places we may be finding false safety, false victory, a false sense of deliverance? Let's ask the Lord to reveal to us areas that we might be trying to get our own confidence. And then let's do the hard work of uprooting those things, speaking truth over them. And if our victory, our rescue, our deliverance, our safety are all in God alone, we have to be completely and consistently dependent on Him for it all -- daily. Struggle is inevitable. Brokenness is everywhere. The battles wage on. But our victory is in God alone. 

If you're in the thick of it, if you get weary of the weight of the world, if you don't have an end in sight, remind yourself of this, because it's true -- ultimate victory is from God alone. And it is yours because you are His

His arm is not too short to reach you.
His ears are not too deaf to hear you call. *
He is victorious, fully, eternally. 

Let us find our victory in Him, friends.

*Isaiah 59:1


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