I write here for me but maybe for you, too.


You're not enough.
You're behind the ball.
You can't be used by God.
God doesn't see you.
You're out-of-place.

Sometimes the lies we believe are easy to point out, and sometimes, they creep into our thoughts without us even realizing them. Maybe they've been with us so long that they start to feel like truths. Perhaps they resound with how we feel, so we accept them without question. 

But in that coming day no weapon formed against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you.
These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me.
I, the Lord, have spoken.”
— Isaiah 54:17, NLT

Perhaps you have real, physical accusers that speak lies over you. This applies to that, of course. 

But I think, more than likely, most of us struggle against the self-accusations that live in our minds. The voices raised up to accuse us can sound most like our own. The enemy knows that if we were to believe the truths that God speaks over us in His Word, then we would be equipped with power to live in great freedom and to advance God's kingdom in our specifically created ways. (If that sounds delightful to you, too, we're soul sisters.) If he knows that, then our enemy will do his best to distract us from the truth, to point his finger at us, to get us consistently to believe things about ourselves that are untrue.

But God says that WE will be able to silence the accusations raised up against us. What does this mean? 

It means that you, my friend, are empowered. It means that you don't have to believe the lies. It means that you are not taken down, not defeated, not lacking any thing you might need to pull apart those things that the enemy might want you to believe. 

No matter how true the lies might feel, they are still lies. And we are given all we need to silence them, as the verse said. We are loved by an all-powerful, already victorious God who wants to empower us. But if we don't know His truth, if we don't arm ourselves with the weapons He has available to us, we won't be able to distinguish the lies from the truth, and we might not know how to silence the accuser. 

How does he equip us, exactly?

He gives us Word, which tells us the ultimate truths. When we familiarize ourself with truth, we can see the lies more clearly.
He gives us His Spirit. His Spirit confirms the truth of His Word inside of us.
And He gives us a voice. He gives our voice power by His Word and His Spirit. And with these voices, we can call out the accuser.

Maybe you'll have to start by saying the truth out loud. I know I've done it. I've literally voiced, as I look in the mirror, into my own eyes, "You are a daughter of God. He delights in You." 
Maybe you'll write it on sticky notes and put them all over your home.
Maybe you'll work on memorizing it so that you are ready at any turn.

I'm praying for you right now, as you read this, that you would feel empowered. That you would feel drawn to the Word so that you can arm yourself with truth. That you would know the freedom that comes from silencing the accusations coming against you (even if they are your own accusations, especially then).

Because you are so loved.
You are seen.
Because of Christ, you are mighty, not weak.

God of the Process

If you need Victory, Safety, or Rescue

If you need Victory, Safety, or Rescue