I don’t want to tell some arrogant story or let myself believe I’m You.
I don’t want to be a thief who’s stealing your glory.
Would you help remind me of what is true?
The only hope I’ve got is You.
— Ellie Holcomb


I am a wife to Billy, a mom to two little boys and one baby girl. We just moved from Charleston, SC, to San Jose, CA.

I'm an ENFJ, an enneagram type 3 or 4 (seriously, I am stuck trying to figure it out), and I adore personality assessments (and helping friends and family find their own types). I think everyone has potential to dig deeper, understand more about their unique shape, and live more fully. 

I'm easily impassioned about a good handful of things -- ethical shopping, social justice, doing away with comparison, personality tests (as I just said) -- but easily, easily, I am most excited about the Word of God. It's my lifeline and my bread. As a lover of words, I am enthralled with the power and the beauty that I find when I dive into a verse or a passage. As Charles Spurgeon once preached, "Dissect, investigate, and weigh the Master's teaching word by word, and each syllable will repay you." I have found that to be true over and over in each season of my life, and I can't help but share what I'm learning. I believe the Word of God is for you, lovingly, passionately, intimately for you, drawing you in.

Truth + Freedom

I want to agree with what the Lord says about you and about me -- that we are seen, we are loved, we are desired, we are not overlooked, we are planned for, we are precious, we are honored, we were sacrificed for, we were bought with a price, and we are created for Him.

I know that the literal Words of God are full of life-changing, thought-shifting power, and in this space, we will together grab hold of that for our lives. Tucking away, pondering, delighting over the precious Word and agreeing with the truth -- that's what I want to do here, with my life, with all these spaces, and with you, sweet friend.

I know that God created you so uniquely and beautifully, and I want to encourage you and equip you to figure out the way He made you and what precious things He made you for. I want to see us get free and walk free and set other people free, too.